Our Unique Peace of Mind Service

What is our Peace of Mind Service?

What seems to escape most peoples attention in the hustle of modern life is that sound Legal Planning is not a one-off exercise.  Personal circumstances, finances, Tax, and the Law and constantly changing and developing.  Add in the changes in family and friends with births, deaths, marriages, divorces, remarriages, “step” children, businesses and a myriad of other things.

Maybe you start to see the merit of reviewing your Legal Planning from time to time.  Our prescription for members of our Peace of Mind Service is an annual newsletter and checklist, gentle reminders of things you ought to do, a free advice line and a very healthy discount on future work which often saves people many years subscription.

Building up a long-term relationship with the people helping organise your Legal Planning makes sense for everyone.  Understanding your situation is important, but every Legal Planner will have slightly different advice, and too many people have no relationship with their adviser, so a proper long-term strategy just doesn’t exist, and each successive adviser will often re-do the work of the previous one.  Because our aim is to keep clients on a long-term basis, we can aim plans very much to accommodate likely future changes, rather than starting again each time a life event throws everything up in the air again.  Many life events are totally predictable, so let’s build them into the plan as early as possible to minimise changes, and then just help you to keep a watchful eye on it, at least once a year.

The Peace of Mind Service is a simple but effective way of doing your best to keep your planning up to date and relevant to the needs of those you care for.  Not to mention in the process that you can put in place the best possible protection for yourself.  Legal planning is about helping you to help others and helping them to protect you when you would otherwise be very vulnerable.

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