Meridian Wills of Croydon

Meridian Wills of Meridian House, Vulcan Way, Croydon CR0 9UG went out of business many years ago.

Their Wills were a distinctive “yellow” marbled vellum colour and most clients had copies.   When Meridian realised they were going out of business, they tried to return documents to their owners, only to give up when they discovered that many clients had moved, so the documents were being returned by the Post Office or just lost.

We were asked by the liquidators to do our best to look after their clients, and we still have a number of Wills written by Meridian Wills whose owners we have been unable to contact.

Like all our Wills, they are registered on the National Wills database so they can be found, so it is especially important that any which have been replaced are returned to their owners to be destroyed.   Many of their Wills will now be out of date, and in need of review, so if we might have your, please do get in touch.

Be aware that there are other firms trading as Meridian Wills, including one with a similar name in Croydon, but as far as we know, there is no connection.

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