Make a Last Will and Lasting Powers of Attorney

COVID makes it crucial for anyone over 18 to get their affairs in order – Google “Betty Figg” or “PC Paul Briggs” or TVs “Kate Garaway” whose husband’s coma and subsequent issues are causing so many problems for her. We must assume that Michael Schumacher had things well organised when a simple fall on a skiing trip so dramatically altered his life, such as making Lasting Powers of Attorney, Last Wills. Possibly Family Trusts and even more complex planning for the seriously wealthy.  Planning after the event is sometimes possible, but it is always more expensive and may not be possible at all.   Look at some of the examples above.

As Professional Will Writers, Allied Law Ltd offer a national as well as local service. We’re situated in Eastbourne and Polegate. We’re normally happy to visit you locally, or for you to visit us, though things are mostly done by phone these days which is faster and safer. Some people travel long distances to see us, but we find things work really well when we chat them through over the phone.  We just ask for some basic initial details so that the discussion is about working out what the best plans are for your unique circumstances rather than how to spell names and addresses.  Much more to the point and it is a discussion, including options that you may not even be aware of.

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At the end of the day, getting your Last Will and Testament and Lasting Powers of Attorney professionally set up is what is important. You shouldn’t leave it too long, or forget to have it reviewed from time to time. If you are in Hailsham, Eastbourne or Polegate we can normally review your Legal Planning free of charge, as long as we have the time because our hundreds of existing clients keep us pretty busy. Call us today on 01323 741200 or 01323 384003 – leave a message after hours or if we are all with clients.

On average the population of Eastbourne and Polegate is older than that of Hailsham, but life being what it is, we all need to be protected against the unexpected, just in the same way as you insure your car or possessions. We’re happy to run you through our 2 Minute Guide to Legal Planning, which is intended to help people not especially up on the Law to be aware of what can be done. Or we can email you a copy if you prefer.

We shouldn’t leave out the good folk of Pevensey and Pevensey Bay, so they are welcome to get in touch if they wish to plan ahead and stay organised.

To contact Allied Law Professional Will Writers for Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney or IHT or Business Succession Planning call 01323 741200 or use the form here

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