Supporting Local & National Charities in Your Will

Charitable Legacies in Wills

Many families are in the situation where someone in the family has benefited from the work of a charity. In my case my father had vital end of life care from St Wilfrid’s. A friend had a son who spent time at Chailey Heritage, many people have been helped by Relate, or have enjoyed sitting on one of the benches on Eastbourne sea front or one of the many parks. There are dozens of local and national charities needing support. Perhaps you want to support your Church
Personally, I support the tree growing work of the United Nations Eastbourne who are making heroic steps to help the world survive by growing thousands of trees.

If we haven’t added your local charity below, feel free to add it as a comment, but you MUST include the Registered Charity Number. Links and a brief description are welcome.

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Tax Benefits

All gifts to Registered UK charities are exempt from Inheritance Tax, and it is also possible (if you know how) to make similar gifts to overseas charities. If your estate is likely to be subject to Inheritance Tax, then the “loss” to your other beneficiaries is just 60% of the legacy. 40% free money I effect.
Furthermore, if the charitable legacies exceed 10% of the value of the estate, the rate of Inheritance Tax is reduced to 36%, reducing the “loss” to the rest significantly.

Charitable Foundations

Larger estates sometimes wish to manage their ongoing charitable funds, perhaps through a family charity. Clearly it is easier and cheaper to give the money direct.

Overseas Charities.

Technically, these may not rank for Inheritance Tax relief on their own, but it is possible to organise it, subject to a brief review of the charity.

Free Wills

Some charities offer free basic Wills, but we feel a little uncomfortable with this, as the charities are spending money now (in most cases) in the hope that they will benefit from your estate when you go. Basic Wills are not always the way to go, so the temptation is to stick to the free one, which may not actually give the best result.

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Can you help?

St Wilfrid’s Hospice 1 Broadwater Way Eastbourne Registered Charity number 2836686

Chailey Heritage Foundation, North Chailey, Lewes BN8 4EF Registered Charity Number 1075837

United Nations (Eastbourne) Tree Project. Not sure if they are a Charity yet, but if it is through your Will we can arrange it so that it is. They also welcome small donations, and larger ones from organisations required to carbon offset.

Relate Eastbourne, 58 Preston Road Brighton BN1 6GG. Charity number: 1091414

The Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare, The Broyle, Ringmer BN8 5AJ.
Registered Charity Number 237696

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