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What We Do:

Allied Professional Will Writers (APWW) are specialist experts in Legal & Estate Planning. We don’t just look at the present, we look to the future too with our Peace of Mind Service. Our services include professional will writing, inheritance tax advice, trusts & estate planning and probate assistance in Eastbourne, Hailsham, Polegate, Seaford as well as the surrounding areas. We also work nationally so, no matter where you are based, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for any questions you may have on 01323 741200.

Whether you just need a simple Will or an elaborate tax planning Will with additional trusts, we can help at very sensible fees. Why not contact us to make a Will today? Better yet, set up more comprehensive protection by adding Lasting Powers of Attorney.]

What Our Customers Have To Say:

Speed of service was great – I suggest a list of the terms included like testator and executor. (APWW – good idea – we are working on it – but clients can always give us a ring to explain anything, it really isn’t an issue!)

And lots of suggestions as to how to improve the presentation of our literature!

(Received with thanks – APWW)


One typo, but sorted!


I was delighted that they were able to arrange a home visit as I am over 90!

Harry K





Linda B of Hastings

Pleased with everything.


We had trouble finding independent witnesses.

(APWW comment: all they need to know is that they are witnessing your Will – they do NOT need to see anything but the signature page.)

JR & A B


Ross H


Toby E ( I found some of the colour in correspondence off putting)

(APWW comment – we’ve had a couple of similar comments – being reviewed – bear in mind we ask for negative and positive comments from clients!)



Too much colour in letters and bold text could be moderated. But all good otherwise.

(APWW comment – we’ve had a couple of similar comments – being reviewed – bear in mind we ask for suggestions on how we can improve, not just positive comments from clients!)


Very prompt and informative service from a very friendly but professional staff.


Denley Gwalchmai (a long standing client)

I did have a couple of suggestions – the boxes on the witnessing form were a little small so it wasn’t clear where they should sign. (That didn’t affect the Will!)

Ian S

Ann M

AW of Pevensey

PGH of Rochester

Mrs Burt

Mirander R of Eastbourne


Swiftly sorted minor issue – Steve and Amanda were fantastic!

Peter W of Addlestone

Maureen F


Mr C

No issues at all, a friendly and personal approach.


Kevin B

Maureen A

Your Peace of Mind Service deserves better explanation.




Top marks.



For what is quite an upsetting process, you managed my Will efficiently, and with good grace across all aspects.

Squiggle (sorry, couldn’t read the signature on Questionnaire)

Our apologies – consultant made appointment and didn’t tell the office – sorry!

Michelle M

2 boxes were a bit small to sign.

Alison C

(now updated – we love getting suggestions for improvements from clients!)


Typo on draft immediately updated

Mr P



oops!   We do send drafts for that exact reason, but we’ll always correct errors – even when the client causes them!

That is why we ask for some information in advance including CHECKED full names and addresses

Peace of Mind Service could have been explained better.


Simon B

Simplicity, efficiency and friendliness.

The Peace of Mind Service could have been explained better though.


You did get my name wrong initially, but I liked the friendliness and willingness to respond promptly.


JP Van C

All good.


John G


(But we can do it faster!)

Out of 14 points, 12 are top notch, and a couple were fine.  None less than that!

Belinda H

Thanks so much for your help!

Tom Davis

Liz K

8 very goods, 2 goods 4 OK

Tom Davis


7 very goods 6 goods one could do better



4 very goods 9 goods






No need for slow solicitors offices.


But I’m not very keen on forms, but I do understand you need to be sure that people’s names are full and correct and it is really the only way to do it!


Mrs Smith

Documents took a few days to arrive though.


One name was misspelled, but immediately corrected.


Otherwise, full marks.


Will & Lesley

Top marks!



The initial letter could have been improved. and it took a few days for the consultant to contact me.

(We have improved the letter, but we are sometimes very busy! Steve)

but everything worked well.


Alan P

I did think the Peace of Mind Service could have been better explained/


Louise G

Marrianne looked after me well!


Peter H

Excellent service.  Nothing was too much trouble and Marrianne was always willing to help me.  I never felt that I was a nuisance, though I phoned several times to ask questions but nothing was too much trouble.


Louise H

Will Client


At August 2021, it seems the Government require you to have at least 6 months notice of an accident, stroke or other illness which may affect your ability to make decisions – or pay a heavy penalty, both in terms of family loss of control and cost. The Office of the Public Guardian is apparently taking TWENTY WEEKS to process PERFECT applications to register Lasting Powers of Attorney. Many are rejected, which may mean starting from scratch. The alternatives are impersonal and very expensive, so we strongly urge anyone over 18 to contact us to sort out Powers of Attorney – just in case. Message ends.

Here at Allied Professional Will Writers (APWW) we don’t get involved in all the other things which other legal professionals do. We have one mission, and that is to make sure that you and yours are well protected when things go wrong. And they will, sooner or later, so it makes sense to protect yourself and your family now. Ideally, anyone over the age of 18 should get started on their Legal Planning journey with us. Secure your and your families future now: too many people end like Brittany Spears with the Courts controlling their lives. Car accidents, strokes and other things can happen at any age, and once you are 18, even your husband or wife has few rights without planning.

A Last Will or Powers of Attorney may be needed at any time, so let us help you to plan ahead and, with our Peace of Mind Service, keep your planning up to date as the Law, Tax and your situation changes over the years. Many people leave it too late to put a Will in place which means many opportunities to look after loved ones effectively are squandered. Out of date or lost Wills and Powers of Attorney mean stress and pressure for those left to sort things out. And lack of Powers of Attorney leaves Social Services in charge very often.

We offer a professional Will writing service to allow you to plan ahead of time and feel comfortable in knowing you having a plan in place for your future, and one which can be adjusted as things change, through our Peace of Mind Service.

Professional Will Writers do far more to protect you and your family than just write Last Wills. It really is not just about when you die – important actions need to be taken to protect you and yours throughout your life. We also specialise in helping you save on inheritance tax and protecting your assets for your children and grandchildren (or favourite charity.)

All of our services here at Allied Professional Will Writers are tailored to you and your family’s individual needs and designed to work with you in a friendly and non-pressured way to help protect your future in the best way possible whether this is through Will writing, inheritance tax advice, trusts & estate planning.

You may well discover that you are not as well protected as you could be, and you need to contact an experienced professional team to help sort out your legal and estate planning. Even the Law Society has realised that few solicitors have the time to keep as up to date in this narrow area of expertise as APWW do, as a matter of course. Most are generalists rather than specialists. Professional Will Writers take the time to specialise and their ongoing training is tightly focused on Legal Planning, rather than managing expensive High Street offices and staff! As a point of interest, our principal has facilitated training for Society of Will Writers Members throughout Sussex for many years. Although we are based in Eastbourne, we operate nationally.

What We Offer:

Most importantly, we offer you the opportunity of not just getting your legal planning up to speed, but keeping it that way. We deliver excellent friendly customer service when it comes to Will writing and across all our services. Remember that things change, and if your Legal Planning doesn’t change too, you are at risk. So is your family, so it pays to speak to us as professional Will Writers when:

  • You live with a partner or separate from one.
  • You have married, divorced or separated since you made a Will.
  • You start or run a business.
  • You have children, and or have responsibility for children you are not the parent of.
  • You might have an accident or illness.  And that applies to everyone.
  • If you are over 18.
  • If you inherit or have a windfall.
  • If you have assets worth more than £325,000 your Inheritance Tax situation needs review.
  • You own a home and want to ensure your family benefit from your hard work after you have gone.

Why Contact Us?

We make it simple to understand what you need and handle the entire Will writing process for you. We are based in in Eastbourne, Hailsham, Polegate, Seaford and Hailsham as well as the surrounding areas but operate nationally so get in touch today on 01323 741200 and start planning for your and your family’s future today.

Or just pop as many of your details as you wish in the form below, and we will email you our 2 Minute Guide to Legal Planning.