About Us

About us.


Allied Professional Will Writers Ltd has closed down but The Probate Department Ltd Solicitors has agreed to offer service to their clients and has adopted Allied Professional Will Writers as an additional trading style for the convenience of clients. i

We long ago realised that quality professional Will Writers are by their nature independent minded, and fiercely loyal to their clients, and that we would never be able to find enough who wanted to give up their independence to work with us.

So we devised a cunning plan to help our professional Will Writer colleagues, and the hundreds of hard working Financial Advisers we work with, and to provide support to them too.  We have a  tax barrister and a solicitor on retainer, we have specialist storage and review services  to help both the public and our colleagues.We can craft trusts to clients requirements.  We can even arrange prepaid funerals and after that sort out the Probate either with or for the family and our associated professional Will Writers, who will often know the family well and save a lot of time and cost.  Should a Deed of Variation be needed for Tax or family reasons, we can help their too.

So who benefits?

  1. Clients and their families.
  2. Professional Will Writers.
  3. Professional Financial  Advisers

And us, to a lesser extent!  Why not get in touch?  01323 406299 The Probate Department Ltd 2 The Triangle Willingdon Eastbourne BN20 9PJ.